Food & Wine

The traditional foods of Tuscany are made with excellent raw materials, ancient processing techniques, and recipes handed down for centuries. But there is more to them than that. Behind the aromas and flavors that you will fall in love with are the people, their gestures, and their faces. This is why we at HoLive strive to offer you experiences where the human factor is always at the heart of it all.

Luxury private chef

While in Italy, don’t miss the chance to savour gourmet dishes expertly prepared and served right in your holiday home.

Gourmet gastronomy

You can order for take away or delivery with the finest gourmet and deli products: platters with the best local cured meats and cheeses

Gourmet restaurant

The raw materials: quality is the keyword! For a dinner marked by quality and taste! Selected ingredients that respect seasonality and the territory

archi chef

Archi-Chef: an exclusive chef who will cook typical dishes right in your holiday home and tell you about their tradition and history

wine shop at your house

From the comfort of your home, order the special bottles that "Enoteca il 9" can bring you! Chianti, Vermentino, Prosecco, Metodo Classico, Champagne, Barolo, Bolgheri…

Indulge in the Archi-Chef Experience, where an architect-chef brings the authentic tastes of Tuscany right to your holiday home. Watch as she skillfully prepares typical dishes, sharing the fascinating history and traditions. From the comfort of your own private retreat, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the region’s culinary heritage.

For wine enthusiasts, the Wine Shop at Your House Experience is an absolute must. Participating in a wine tasting at a crowded location, whether it’s during an event, at a fair, or simply in a noisy wine bar, might not always be an enjoyable experience. In partnership with Enoteca il9, HoLive brings a carefully selected array of exceptional wines straight to your doorstep. Savor the luscious notes of Chianti, Vermentino, Prosecco, Metodo Classico, Champagne, Barolo, and Bolgheri, all hand-picked to suit your unique preferences.

Please note that our wine experiences are available for guests aged 18 and over. For minors, parental consent is required. To ensure availability, we recommend booking at least 72 hours in advance. However, for last-minute requests, please contact us to check availability.