Pietrasanta: Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Your Perfect Tuscan Holiday

Pietrasanta, often referred to as the ‘Little Athens’ of Italy, is a cultural hub that has attracted artists and sculptors from around the world for decades. Its charming medieval streets, elegant piazzas, and numerous galleries make it an art lover’s paradise.

Moreover, with its proximity to both the Apuan Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, nature enthusiasts will find plenty of activities to enjoy—from hiking and biking to simply relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Versilia.

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Why Choose Pietrasanta for Your Next Vacation?

Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a vacation with your friends to the sea and discos, a family-friendly retreat, or a cultural immersion, Pietrasanta is the ideal destination to unlock the true essence of Versilia. Here you can balance the needs of adults – with restaurants, shopping, art galleries, outdoor concerts – and those of teens and children, thanks to the accessibility of beaches, discotheques, sports facilities, and events for young and young-at-heart that take place year-round.

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Immerse Yourself in Pietrasanta’s Vibrant Arts and Culture

Savor the exquisite local cuisine at fine dining establishments and traditional osterias that highlight the region’s gastronomic richness.

Pietrasanta has long been revered as a hub for artistic expression, drawing in acclaimed sculptors, painters, and artisans from around the world. Begin your cultural exploration at the Museo dei Bozzetti, a world-renowned museum that showcases an impressive collection of sculptural models and sketches. Marvel at the intricate craftsmanship and vision of the artists who have left their mark on this captivating town. Continue your artistic journey by visiting the numerous galleries dotting the old town, where you can admire the works of both established and up-and-coming talents. Here you can find dozens of galleries dedicated to contemporary art, many of which are branches of major names in the art market. Pietrasanta’s central square is home to open-air installations and large-scale sculpture exhibitions.

Another must-visit is the Villa de La Versiliana, located by the sea in Marina di Pietrasanta. With its 80-hectare park, the Versiliana is a venue for exhibitions, concerts, plays, games and workshops for children.

Pietrasanta old town center is dotted with small restaurants, trattorias and bars. Here you can taste a special mix of land and sea cuisine. From fresh-caught seafood to artisanal cheeses and handcrafted pastas (tordelli), each bite will transport you to the heart of authentic Tuscan gastronomy.

Pietrasanta with HoLive

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